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WordPress Backup

The Importance of a WordPress Backup

Let’s face it many of us forget the little things, and a WordPress backup system is one of those little things that people tend to forget but it is so vitally important when you have a business site (or even a personal site).  Imagine you have spent months getting your website just how you want it, you have worked hard and you are getting a good amount of sales/leads and a steady flow of visitors.  Then all of a sudden a technical issue or even worse you end up with a hacked website and everything you have worked hard for just goes up in a puff of smoke.

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WordPress Care Plan

Do I need a maintenance plan?

A maintenance plan is something you can either set up with your website designer, or you can hire another company to take over the maintenance of your website.  These plans typically are to ensure your WordPress Core system and plugins are kept up to date but may include changes you wish to make to the content of your website.

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