About LucidFox

WordPress Website Design, Sheffield South Yorkshire

LucidFox is basically Sam (and the cat) I’m based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and I specialize in WordPress Website Design/Development, Website Maintenance, and Support. Taking care of the boring parts of having an online business presence so you can take care of the more important tasks of growing your business and making sales.

I take pride in building long lasting relationships with my clients so I like to make sure I am a good fit for you and you for me before we start working together,  my pricing is transparent and fair and I provide packages designed to save a little money for my clients while providing a clear representation of what you will receive and when.

Working with me ensures a jargon-free, bullsh*t free honest approach to working with a developer/designer I am not one of those designers that just pull a number out of god knows where when giving you a quote, and I include a whole host of extra’s to give you enough knowledge to manage your website yourself if you choose.  I don’t tie you down to using my services forever, however, I am more than happy to keep working with you for as long as you wish. (some of my clients I have known for 7 years +)

Sheffield Web Design

About Sam

Yes this is me, the kawasaki crazy web designer, officially from west yorkshire (wessie through and through) I have been based in Sheffield for too many years to count. Here I am feeding the ducks at Ladybower the white one was getting a bit cheeky and pulling at my kevlar trousers!

A little about me..

  • I’ve been designing websites since around 2004
  • My desk is always organised chaos
  • I’m a qualified accountant (from my dark past)
  • I once had a domain addiction and owned 35 domains
  • I’m a GAMER love Warframe at present
  • I can be found streaming my gameplay on Twitch
  • I worked in technical support for 18 years! (and I survived)
  • I suffer from Hemiplegic Migraines (but they are under control mostly)
  • I have a weird sense of humor most people don’t get (I’m also pretty sarcastic)

Pudding aka Furry Overlord

(the office cat)

Although I usually just call him Puds or Pudster occasionally he gets ‘Cat Boy Slim’.

He was a stray who adopted me in 2012, a little black ball of fluff that would sneak in and steal food. He’s my best friend, and in the morning when I don’t want to get out of bed my worst enemy. He acts a lot like a dog.. he’s attacked the postman on several occasions and shreds mail if i don’t get to it in time.

He warns me when a migraine attack is about to happen by basically getting in my face and pawing at my head, and he eats spiders possibly one of the main reasons I took him in (i hate spiders) and due to the fact he learnt how to open doors he attacks my feet when I’m in the bath.

As you can see he likes to keep me working by blocking my Facebook access! You can see more of his antics on our instagram account.

Sheffield Web Design

There’s also ‘Codey’ the international man of mystery, tech guru, car enthusiast and general fixer of things. I’ve known him for longer than I care to remember (it makes me feel old) and although he’s not officially part of LucidFox he does enough work with us to be included here.