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Search Engine Optimisation
Your website is your online shop front and should communicate your value to existing & potential clients. It's main goal is to expand your reach and generate leads for your business.
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More than a Brochure

Websites can be expensive but you need to see them as more than an online brochure or an extension of your business card. You can then see the true value of having one. I have a bias towards the awesomesauce that is a website. Heck, I loved them that much that I started building them for a living but I'm a bit of a nerd.

A website is a tool that will help you attract prospects, collect leads, make sales/get bookings, and communicate your value to your targeted audience all day every day.

Many DIY websites fail to provide the expected value. Not due to the website itself being substandard, but due to the lack of understanding that a website needs to do more than just look 'pretty'.

What Makes a Website Successful?

Sadly website design is not like the field of dreams, people won't flock to your website just because you built it.  The following elements are essential to have a successful website.
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Often this part is overlooked, but I take a deep look into your business, market and who you serve in order to come up with the best strategy for your website's success.  This process provides the necessary framework for the development of your site.
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Design & Development

Not only should your website be attractive, It should be optimized for search rankings along with the users who visit it, display perfectly across all device types, and effectively communicate the value your business provides.
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The launch of your website is just the beginning! To be successful your website should be continuously monitored, tested, and improved to ensure a return on your investment and relevancy to your users and search engines.

Prices, Time Frames & Payments

Ahh, the mystery of what a website will cost you.

As stated previously investing in a professional website can be quite expensive and does depend on what features you need/want. I'm not one of those developers that promise the moon on a stick for a few hundred pounds, nor do I promise that for tens of thousands of pounds.

Bespoke websites come with bespoke prices. This is not a one size fits all but generally speaking, a typical website starts at £2000 and takes around 3 months from start to finish.

There are flexible payment terms available which will be presented in your proposal. Depending on the final cost of the website you can choose from 1 upfront payment up to 24 monthly payments with website management included.
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